Bristol City won’t turn down offers from Premier League clubs - Steve Lansdown

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Bristol City owner Steve Lansdown says the club will not stand in the way of Ghanaian forward Antoine Semenyo to join a Premier League team.

The forward has become a subject of interest for several clubs including Scottish giants Celtic, and Premier League clubs, West Ham, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. understands Bristol City turned down an offer from newly promoted side Nottingham Forest.

Despite disclosing there are no offers for duo Antoine Semenyo and Alex Scott, Lansdown says it will be difficult to turn down offers from Premier League teams and for that matter, Bristol City will not stand in their way to join any English top-flight side.

"The first thing you have to have is an offer for them which we haven't got. How do we retain them?

"They're under contract. Antoine's got two years, Alex has got three and we don't need to sell them and we don't want to sell them. So like all these things you have to make offers to make you change your mind because that money can be reinvested to bolster the rest of the squad.

"We did it with Adam Webster, we didn't want him to go but he was adamant he wanted to so we put a price-tag on him that gave us a good return on him. That's business.

"I think the transfer market is only with the Premier League sides. They have the capital to do it and the owners who can put the money in to do something but strictly speaking, I don't think that's there anymore.

"Why would Alex or Antoine want to go to someone else in the Championship? They have fantastic facilities here, it's a great club to be a part of, great team-mates and a progression that they can see in their own careers but when a Premier League club comes in for them that's when it's difficult to turn down and I wouldn't stand in their way." He told BBC Radio.
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