Increase registrations and eliminate refund requests


Nicole Papadopoulos

MotorsportReg is excited to announce our partnership with Vertical Insure to streamline insurance coverage for all drivers and participants across the United States. Soon, registrants will have the option to simply add coverage - with one click - directly from the MSR checkout page.

Boost Registration and Minimize Refund Requests

Introducing Registration Cancellation Insurance: This coverage keeps organizers whole while reimbursing up to 100% of the registration fee if a participant cannot attend. Here's how it can benefit your organization:

  • Increase Registrations: Offering insurance provides peace of mind and eliminates doubt and uncertainty by encouraging more participants to register for your events.
  • Reduce Refund Requests: With insurance in place, organizations typically see a 46% reduction in refund requests, saving you time and administrative resources.

Mobile Checkout Experience with Vertical Insure Coverage Option

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How Does Registration Cancellation Insurance Benefit Your Organization?

Registration fees are generally non-refundable, which helps cover your basic operating costs. By offering Registration Cancellation Insurance, you can maintain these essential fees while still providing participants with the assurance that they can get a refund if needed. This not only keeps your participants satisfied but also makes them more likely to register for future events, knowing they have a safety net.

Impact on Administrative Resources

Offering Registration Cancellation Insurance has shown a 46% reduction in refund requests, significantly easing the burden on your administrative team. This allows for a smoother registration process and frees up your team to focus on what's really important, the experience your drivers and riders will have.

What do you, the organizer, have to do?

Absolutely nothing. After purchasing coverage, registrants will receive a confirmation email from Vertical Insure, which includes detailed instructions on how to file a claim and answers to common questions. If they need further assistance, they can easily reach out to, where the support team is ready to help with any concerns.

For more details on Vertical Insure coverage, please refer to our FAQ's.

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