Nico Williams: Trip to Ghana influenced Inaki Williams decision to play for Black Stars

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Nico Williams has disclosed their trip to Ghana in the summer influenced his senior brother, Inaki Williams to switch allegiance to play for the Black Stars.

The Athletic Bilbao duo arrived in Ghana for vacation in June to spend time with their family.

It was their first visit to Ghana, having spent their entire lives in Spain, where they were born to Ghanaian immigrant parents.

Whiles Inaki has decided to play for Ghana, his younger brother Nico Williams has opted to represent Spain.

The 20-year-old made his debut for the Spanish national team in the UEFA Nations League match against Switzerland.

The striker came off the bench in the 63rd minute as Spain lost 2-1 against Switzerland.

Inaki Williams also debuted for Ghana when they lost 3-0 to Brazil in a friendly in France.

According to Nico, his brother decision to play for Ghana was influenced by their trip to the West African country in the summer.

“My brother thought a lot about that, about whether to go with the national team or with Ghana, but what marked him was the trip we made there in the summer. Seeing all the people made him take the big step of opting for the Ghana national team, assuming that role in which I hope he will do well and score many goals”
It's been a while since your post, but I wanted to offer some insight. That's such an interesting story! It's amazing how personal experiences can shape big decisions like this.
Nico and Inaki's trip to Ghana must have been incredibly meaningful, connecting them to their roots in a profound way. It's beautiful to see Inaki embracing his heritage by choosing to play for Ghana. Family ties and cultural connections are truly special.
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