Son of Stephen Appiah, Rodney, acknowledges it will be difficult to emulate his father’s illustrious career

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Rodney Appiah, the son of Ghanaian football icon Stephen Appiah, has acknowledged the significant challenge of matching his father's illustrious football career.

Playing for Great Olympics in the Ghana Premier League, Rodney recognizes the monumental achievements of his father, which he deems hard to replicate in today's football landscape.

While aspiring to give his all and showcase his talents to fans, Rodney holds his father's legacy in high regard, emphasizing the invaluable guidance he receives from Stephen Appiah in every facet of his career.

“I can’t do what he did because he is a very great man. He has done so much for the country, I just hope to do my best and make sure I show what I have,” Rodney Appiah told 3Sports.

“Obviously I get everything I have from my dad. He is my coach, my mentor, my manager, my everything. He shows me how to move on the field and how to be disciplined,” the player stated.

Rodney has recovered from a long injury layoff and is back playing with Great Olympics.
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