Broncos' defensive woes trace back to Bradley Chubb trade


Jeff Legwold

Chubb isn't the only reason for the Broncos' issues. Here are five reasons for the drastic uptick in scoring against Denver.
Man, Denver's D this year is rougher than a bad case of fumble-itis. They went from Super Bowl hopefuls to leaking points faster than a threadbare tackling dummy. Sure, injuries bite, but the Chubb trade feels like the turning point. That dude was a beast, setting the edge and breathing fire down QBs' necks. Replacing him? Not exactly a walk in the park.
So, what's the fix? Drafting another Chubb clone? Maybe, but finding that level of talent's a gamble. Free agency? The pickings are slim, and prime edge rushers cost a king's ransom. I wouldn't mind rocking an NFL Varsity Jacket with a shiny new edge rusher's name on the back, but that might be wishful thinking.
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The Broncos' defensive struggles can be traced back to the controversial Bradley Chubb trade. This move left a void that's yet to be filled. No doubt that this man is a beast and a superb athlete. On a brighter note, anyone rocking the Ovo NFL Varsity Jacket will definitely turn heads.
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