Companies are partnering GFA because we’ve ticked right boxes - Kurt Okraku


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The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku, believes that his organization is attracting partnership opportunities with more companies because they are fulfilling the necessary requirements.

Okraku has faced criticism from some members of the football community for frequently announcing partnerships without demonstrating tangible results.

He revealed that companies are in constant communication with the association regarding potential partnership deals, which he sees as a positive indication of their effective operations.

Okraku further stated that they have diligently implemented the appropriate strategies to ensure the successful governance of Ghanaian football.

"If companies approach the FA, expressing interest in partnering with us on our journey, it is because we have fulfilled the necessary requirements and governed the sport using the established templates we possess. I am pleased with this," he shared with Super Sport.

Kurt Okraku's first term as President will conclude in five months, with elections scheduled for October 2023.
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