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This Sunday we will dicuss the following: WI tour of South Africa Australia tour of India England tour of Bangladesh 2023 Women's premier League The ICC Cricket Rankings, Test, ODI and T20 The Leeward Islands 3 day Tournament 2023 Indian Premier League Cool and Smooth T20 , 2023 PSL standings; WI UPcoming Elections news Our panelistwill include:will include: Audley Watson, Jatin Patel,, Dennis Heath, Ivor Henry,, Virgil Francis, Simon Obrien , Myrtrice Nesbitt and Donna Brown. This is a s how you won't want to miss. Call: 1-515 605 9850. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dennis Heath who is in London preparing to lay his mother Ina Jacobs to rest. May her soul continue to rest in peace until the heavenly Father prepares her to rise triumphantly in glory. ;
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