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We want to offer our sincere Sympathies to Co-host - Dennis Heat and Secretary Audley Watson and thier families.. Unfortunately they both lost thier mothers this week.. Dennis's mother, Ina Clarke left us Thursday, while Ruby Loche, Audley's mom, departed this life on Friday.. May thier souls rest in eternal peace. We will devote the first hour of our show in rememeberance of the two great mothers. Please feel free to call in at this time to express your words of sympathies and offers of comfort to these gentlemen; im there times of sorry. 1 515 605 9850. men a portion of our in her memmory. Wi tour of Zimbabwe : 1st Test latest scores South Africa vs England 3rd ODI: The ODi to determine whether England would be white washed. India vs New Zealand The third T20 a game to decide the Series winner. WI 4 day Cricket Championship: all the details We will cover the various T20 leaagues leagues around the World.The BPl, ILT20, and much more. You can't afford to miss this one To talk to the host Call 1 515 605 9850 or enter your questions in the chat room You dare not miss this one.Its gonna be great.
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