GFA’s revenue levels have increased significantly than we met it - Kurt Okraku

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The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku, has disclosed that his administration has brought in more revenue for the association than it had before he assumed office in 2019.

Speaking in an interview with Super Sports, Okraku expressed his satisfaction with the significant increase in revenue under his leadership, emphasizing that the trend will continue as long as they continue to fulfill the necessary requirements.

"I am happy that the revenue inflows have grown more than what we had when I assumed office," said Kurt Okraku.

He further revealed that the GFA has undergone three separate audits conducted by the world football governing body.

"I am pleased that we have undergone three FIFA audits, which is crucial for any football association, particularly in our region," he added.

"In addition, the domestic auditing has been successful, which instills confidence in the football ecosystem, especially among investors."

Kurt Okraku's first term as President will conclude in five months, with elections scheduled for October 2023.
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