Ghana goalkeeper Razak Brimah cites discrimination for consistent Black Stars snub

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Ghana international Razak Brimah has revealed the reason the behind his Black Stars snub in recent times.

The 34-year-old who plies his trade for Deportivo Linares has consistently been overlooked by the technical handlers of the national team despite his impressive performance.

Speaking to Kasapa FM’s Alexander Anyankwaa on Twitter Space, Brimah said, “With all due respect to my other goalkeepers they really know that if not discrimination within the GFA, by now I should be the number 1 shot stopper for the Black Stars because they all know I am hundred percent far better than them,” he stressed.

“Let’s be very honest to ourselves here when it comes to Black Stars, the right things are not done, many at times the authorities don’t do the right things and they always want a player to blunder so that they may use that to cut him off from the national team”.

He recounted and lamented how the GFA treated him when he broke his jaw which threatened his career.

“Even in 2017 I got injured during the Cup of Nations by broking my jaw but no FA member called to even check up on me and this is so unfair”.

Brimah has capped 27 times for Ghana since his debut in 2013.
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