Ghana Premier League: Introducing VAR to minimize mistakes of referees should be encouraged - Randy Abbey

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Executive Council Member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Dr. Randy Abbey says the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the Ghana Premier League will be very important.

The Heart of Lions President adds anything that will help minimize mistakes in the local game should be encouraged.

He said this will give referees a second chance to see incidents they have made decisions on in split seconds.

Abbey, however, adds that the VAR will not completely eradicate refereeing controversies in the league as it can be seen in the Premier League.

“Anything that would be introduced which is capable of minimizing the mistakes must be encouraged.

“At least for some key decisions, there would be a second eye but that alone can’t eradicate controversies like we’ve seen in other competitions like the English Premier League.”

There were reports earlier in the year that FIFA had rejected a proporsal from the GFA to use the technology at some specific venues.
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