Nico Williams has started well but has a long way to go - Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde

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At the press conference Ernesto Valverde held on Thursday in Lezama for the league match between Athletic Bilbao and Almeria in San Mames, Nico Williams' name was mentioned.

"We are happy with the internationals, those who have gone this time, because they have achieved objectives: Iñaki debut with Ghana and Unai Simón and Nico the classification. In that sense it is to be in luck and we congratulate them," Valverde told reporters.

"Nico is a young player and everyone is hungry for young players to stand out. He has come out of a stir in the two parties in Spain, has participated in it and is making a good start to the campaign. He is calm, so are we,"

Valverde added that Nico is still learning and not a complete player yet but he hopes he stays at Bilbao for many years.

"This football thing we already know how it goes. Many times with young players when they appear the balloon is greatly inflated by the potential that is supposed to them, but we already know that this is a long distance race in which you have to be calm. Nico is a player who has just started in the First Division, in the elite, he has a long way to go. Hopefully that tour will be many years at Athletic," he stressed.
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