We have the quality to match ASR Bamako - Hearts NCC chairman Elvis Hesse

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The MTN FA Cup holders will take on ASR Bamako on Sunday at the Accra Sports Stadium. The first leg ended 3-0 and the performance of the players angered the supporters.

The NCC chairman sounding positive ahead of the game on Sunday stated that the Phobians have what it takes to beat ASR Bamako but they have to prepare well.

“I am 500% sure because it is football if you understand football the way Real Bamako beat us three we will use the same way but with a different approach to also beat them four or five," he said on Happy FM as monitored by footballghana.com

"Everything depends on our preparation I think the coach has seen the way ASR Bamako plays football but we have the advantage of playing at home,"

"The only disadvantage is that the team will be playing under so much pressure but I think with the necessary psych we give them the proper psych the is no way that we cant qualify. We have the quality to match the Real Bamako team boot for boot on Sunday,”
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